2023 Vienna Cognitive Science Hub Seed Grant Call

Thank you for your submissions!

The 2023 Vienna CogSciHub Seed Grant Call is now closed.

We congratulate the successful applicants:

  • Isabella Anderson-Wagner
  • Cliodhna Quigley
  • Mizan Rambhoros
  • Tibor Tauzin
  • Thomas Wolf

More details here: https://cogsci.univie.ac.at/news/detail/news/2023-vienna-cogscihub-seed-grant-call-awardees/

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Call Details

The Vienna Cognitive Science Hub of the University of Vienna promotes and fosters excellent interdisciplinary research in cognitive sciences in Austria. The 2023 Vienna CogSciHub Seed Grants Program provides funds for applicants to develop, write, and submit an interdisciplinary research proposal in the broad field of cognitive science that will help them move their career forward.

Submission Deadline: 21 January 2024

Funding Amount:

  • up to 7,500€ for the preparation of standalone project applications
  • up to 15,000€ for the preparation of cooperation project applications

Download the full call with all details here: 2023_ViennaCogSciHub_SeedGrantCall.pdf

Download the Info Webinar slides here: 2023_ViennaCogSciHub_SeedGrantCall_InfoWebinar.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions


  • ad 11: Which University of Vienna Faculties are affiliated with the Vienna CogSciHub?

    Faculties currently affiliated with the Vienna CogSciHub:


    If your proposed project does not fit any of these Faculties or you are interested in submitting your proposed project through another University of Vienna Faculty, please contact the Coordination Office at cogsci@univie.ac.at.

  • ad 12: What are the University of Vienna's Key Research Areas and Strategic Priorities?

    Key Research Areas

    • Aesthetics, culture, history
    • Food and drugs
    • Construction of identity and concepts of society
    • Internationalisation of the economy and law
    • Cognition, communication and systemic reflection
    • Microbiology, ecosystems and evolution
    • Models and algorithms
    • Molecules, cells and their interaction
    • Materials and the quantum level
    • The environment and cosmic processes


    Strategic Priorities

    • Data Science & Digital Humanities
    • Health & Microbiome
    • Society & Communication
    • Molecular Biology & Cognitive Neuroscience
    • Materials & Quantum Science
  • ad 13: What are the research disciplines as defined by Statistics Austria?

    The Austrian Classification of Science and Technology Fields (Österreichische Klassifikation der Wissenschaftszweige, ÖFOS 2012) is based on the Fields of Research and Development (FORD) published in the Frascati Manual 2015 as a revised version of the FOS (Fields of Science and Technology Classification). These classifications make it possible to compare, for example, research facilities and research results within Europe and internationally. ÖFOS 2012 is an adapted version of FORD to better fit the conditions in Austria.

    Please select the appropriate research areas from the database:

  • Can I submit documents at a later date (i.e. after the deadline)?

    The call deadline is a hard deadline. Incomplete applications will not be taken into consideration. If something is unclear about your application, the Coordination Office will get in touch.

  • Can I submit more than one application/proposed project?


  • Do I have to have a publication record?

    You need to have a proven track record of excellence, which typically includes publications, but may also encompass prizes, grants, patents, etc.

  • How can I submit my application?

    Applications must be submitted online, including uploading all documents, via the submission form.

  • What can I use the money for?

    This will depend on whether you already are an employee of the University of Vienna. If applicable, you will sign a Werkvertrag with the University of Vienna and pay for a part of your personnel costs.

    You can also use the money for cost coverage for pilot studies or literature reviews, data analysis, or similar. Any changes in the existing employment during the proposed project's development must be in accordance with the existing contract, the chain contract rule, and the provisions of labor law.

  • Who will be reviewing my application?
    1. The Coordination Office will check for completeness and formal requirements, including the presence of interdisciplinarity in the research question.  
    2. The Faculty where the proposed project should be located will check that the proposed projects fits and there is sufficient interest.  
    3. Select members of the Vienna CogSciHub Scientific Advisory Board will make the final decision.
  • Will I receive feedback on my application?

    A short feedback will be given by the Coordination Office on points that arise during the selection process.

  • Will there be a second round of the call?

    We aim to publish the Seed Grant call yearly, depending on financing.