Seed Grants

To foster interdisciplinary research in cognitive science and neuroscience, Vienna CogSciHub provides seed funding to PIs for the writing of grant proposals to Austrian and international funding programs.

The sum of the seed grant depends on the requested funding amount as follows:

  • Application volume up to €150.000,-:  €1.000,-
  • Application volume from €150,000,- to €450,000,- : €2.000,-
  • Application volume more than €450.000,-:  €3,000, -


  • The proposed research project is interdisciplinary
  • The research project matches with the research topics of Vienna CogSciHub
  • The PI is a member of Vienna CogSciHub or has a written recommendation by a board member of Vienna CogSciHub (membership can be acquired by invitation or, for example, by submitting a research proposal located at the Vienna CogSciHub)
  • Vienna CogSciHub is the research facility in the submitted grant proposal
  • The project is carried out at Vienna CogSciHub in case it receives funding
  • The PI lists the grant proposal in u:cris under Vienna CogSciHub

For 2019 a maximum of €30.000,- is reserved for seed grant funding. 



Applicants send a request including motivation for application, abstract, their CV, and a publication list to our coordinator. There are no submission deadlines for this program; applications can be submitted at any time.

Based on this information, the governing body of Vienna CogSciHub decides, if the seed grant application fits the research areas of Vienna CogSciHub.

For PIs without current employment at University of Vienna: Vienna CogSciHub and the PI conclude a work contract according to the formal requirements of the University of Vienna after clearing of the HR-department. 

For PIs currently employment at University of Vienna: The Seed Grant can be used for the reimbursement of costs directly connected with the writing of the proposal (e.g. translation costs, participant fees for pre-studies, payment of student assistants, research visits of proposal partners, etc. - please consult the office).

The payment will be made either after the application has been submitted to the proposed funding agency or in two instalments with a partial payment at the beginning of the agreed working period.

The PI is listed as seed grantee on the website of Vienna CogSciHub, together with a brief project summary.