The Vienna Cognitive Science Hub is a network of researchers at the University of Vienna active in various disciplines of Cognitive Science and Cognitive Neuroscience.

The vision of the Vienna CogSciHub is the development of a unique profile of a "Vienna School of Cognitive Science" that contributes basic and applied research to solve the significant issues of our time. Our programs follow the guiding questions:

How does the development and transformation of individual and collective behavioral traditions and cultures in times of crises work, and how can we use processes of adaptation of the mind towards a more sustainable way of life?

The mission of the Vienna CogSciHub is to foster interdisciplinary research in the cognitive sciences in Vienna. At the heart of this mission to promote is supporting researchers who take the risk of multi- inter- and transdisciplinary work and accept the increased stakes to do so. We offer young scientists services for developing and implementing innovative projects, research programs, and groups. We support established researchers in the evolution of their research program by providing benefits for developing and carrying out high-risk/high-gain proposals.

A unique characteristic of Vienna CogSciHub is that we incorporate cognitive sciences in the broadest sense: We expand the research areas of “traditional” fields like psychology and computer science in joint projects and programs with humanities (art history, linguistics, musicology, and philosophy) and life sciences (cognitive biology, evolution research, and cognitive neuroscience). What holds these fields together is an empirical mindset that involves using (and often sharing) a diverse set of methods, including eye-tracking, statistical modeling, field methods, virtual reality, EEG, fMRI, and brain stimulation (TMS and tDCS).


We strengthen existing research and elicit new and innovative interdisciplinary approaches by disseminating methodological expertise, providing research services in the domains of statistics, data science, a subject recruiting system, as well as seed grants for proposal writingmatchmaking for scholars of different disciplines, and access to research labs as to foster common research questions and projects. 


Educational programs associated with the CogSciHub are the ViennaDoctoralSchool CoBeNe (Vienna Doctoral School "Cognition, Behavior, Neuroscience") and MEi:CogSci (Middle European Interdisciplinary Master Programme in Cognitive Science).



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