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We support the development of the Cognitive Science community in Vienna by (co-)organizing a wide range of academic activities.

Learn more about our activities and how to stay up-to-date – from our talk series, annual lectures and symposia/conferences, to lab excursions, PhD-level seminars and workshops, as well as social events.

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Past Activities & Events

Vienna, Austria: 26th–29th July

Location: University of Vienna


Online Workshop, July 1-2

University of Vienna, Institute of Linguistics

Further information:

Cognitive Neuroscience of brain-microbiome interaction

08.01.2021 & 11.01.2021

12th Vienna Research Groups for Young Investigators call 2021; two group leader position as part of the WWTF’s Cognitive Sciences

Talk: Introducing the Babelfish Lab: From associative learning to higher order cognition

Date: 17.12.2020 | 16:00 | online