Mag. Dr. Julia Crone

Julia Sophia Crone is Senior Scientist at the Vienna Cognitive Science Hub and heads the Crone Neurocognition Lab.

She and her lab is interested in complex interactons, network dynamics, as well as intense conscious experiences.

At the Crone Neurocognition Lab Julia Crone and her Team combine:

  • Computational approaches in neuroimaging
  • Ulstrasonic brain stimulation and
  • Psychopharmacological neuromodulation

to understand the role of complex brain network dynamics in the emergence of conscious and aesthetic experiences in the healthy and diseased brain.

The Crone Neurocognition Lab supports open science and the development of fMRIprep (

Current Projects


The Role of Transformative Experiences and Brain Network Dynamics in Hedonic Response to Psychedelics: Paving the Way for Broader Utilization

PI: Crone

The role of transformative experiences and brain network dynamics in hedonic response to psychedelics: paving the way for broader utilization.

900.000 Dollar | 3 years


FWF #Connecting Minds

PI: Pelowski, Crone, Spee

Transdisciplinary project „Unlocking the Muse: Transdisciplinary approaches to understanding and applying the intersection of artistic creativity and Parkinson’s disease“

1 Million Euro | 5 years


Interuniversity Cluster Projects

PI: Crone
Co-PI: Lanzenberger (Medical University of Vienna)

Interdisciplinary project „Unraveling the aesthetic mind in anhedonia: Insights from pharmacological imaging of the human brain“

300 K Euro | 3 years