Psychometric Investigations of Scientific Methods in Art Research (PhD project)

Principal investigator(s):

  • Hanna Weichselbaum, MA


  • Univ.-Prof. Ulrich Ansorge
  • Univ.-Prof. Helmut Leder

Involved fields: Psychology, Aesthetics


The project aims at investigating psychometric characteristics of research methods used both in basic psychological research and more applied research on art and aesthetics. This investigation reveals insight into the reliability of research methods used in both fields of research (e.g., eye movement tracking), and into the validity of methods usually used in research on art perception and aesthetics (e.g., explicit vs. implicit measures of aesthetic preferences). In addition, the results reveal knowledge about intra- and inter-individual stability of underlying processes (e.g., intra-individual stability of attention capture or of symmetry appreciation of art experts compared to non-experts).

Mag. Hanna Weichselbaum