Development and Evaluation of a Meta-Heuristic for Business Continuity Management (BCM)

Period: December 2013

Principal investigator(s):

  • Dr. Eva Gatarik

Cooperation partner(s):

  • HCH Consulting GmbH

Funding program: FFG Innovationsscheck

Involved fields:


This project focuses on the development and evaluation of a new kind of meta-heuristic rooted in Systems Science and is intended to identify relevant long-term causal factors of economic success in order to improve the economic performance of enterprises heading towards/experiencing a crisis. The focus is on such causal factors which are not necessarily in a short-sighted way directly quantifiable or can be digitalized in a straightforward and direct manner but stem from studying and documenting practical experiences and real cases of sustainable economic success instead. These experiences and cases will be generalized and explained with the help of the model-theoretic systemic framework of analysis LIR concerning the relation between language, information and reality. A weather eye will be kept onEcosystems of Innovation (ESI) as a new approach to Knowledge Management introducing results of the research on Commons done by E. Ostrom. Based on the new meta-heuristic, (1) evaluation and prediction of the cognitive acceptance of BCM measures can be justified, and (2) the consequences of plainly financially guided problem solutions stemming from sometimes misguided theoretical argumentations to justify actions can be argued. The project results are proposed to be used in Business Continuity Management.

Dr. Eva Gatarik