CogSci2021 Comparative Cognition—Animal Minds

Vienna, Austria: 26th–29th July

Location: University of Vienna


The big Annual Cognitive Science Meeting, CogSci2021, will be held in Vienna  26th–29th July this year and we are organizing it. Since the theme is “Comparative Cognition - Animal Minds” it would be great to have a very strong showing from cognitive biology and behavior.

Deadline for submissions is 3 Feb (a bit more than two weeks): here’s the website:

Not only are there the usual paper and poster sessions, but we also invite symposia and workshop proposals (hormones? stats? video analysis? etc).

Invited plenary speakers are:

Chair Tecumseh Fitch
Co-Chairs: Kristin Tessmar-Raible, Claus Lamm, Helmut Leder

**  Prof. W. Tecumseh Fitch, PhD             **
**  Dept. of Behavioral and Cognitive Biology, University of Vienna, Austria  **
**  +43-1-4277-76111 office;               email:    **

Three invited symposia from our initial proposal:

Comparative and Neural Approaches to Social Cognition (organizers Claus Lamm, Natalie Sebanz)

  • Judith Burkart UZH - Simon effect in non-human primates
  • Mariska Kret Leiden Univ NL - cooperation and emotional contagion in non-human and human primates
  • Silani UniWien AT - motivation and reward-seeking from rodents and primates to humans
  • Lev-Ari RHUL UK - Language from a social networks perspective

Cognition of Time (organizer Kristin Tessmar-Raible)

Empirical Aesthetics (organizer Helmut Leder)