We support the development of the Cognitive Science community in Vienna by (co-)organizing a wide range of academic activities.

Learn more about our activities and how to stay up-to-date – from our talk seriesannual lectures and symposia/conferences, to lab excursions, PhD-level seminars and workshops as well as social events.

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09.05.2016 16:30

Talk | David Temperley

"Music and Emotion: Perception and Feeling"

28.04.2016 17:00

Talk | Niki Pfeifer

"The coherence perspective on conditionals: Formal and experimental work"

26.04.2016 18:00

PhD Seminar

Session with Oliver Lukitsch & Cornell Schreiber

21.04.2016 17:00

Talk | Leonida Fusani

"Why are the elaborate displays of birds so attractive?"

12.04.2016 18:00

PhD Seminar

Session with Nicole Rossmanith & Andreas Reichelt

"Thinking and interaction as jointly shaping multimodal landscapes of meaning and action"

17.03.2016 17:00

Talk | Michael Schmitz

"Consciousness: What It Is and Why It Matters"

08.03.2016 20:30

Party | Irrational Movements

Featuring DJ Qualia and Her Non-Reductive Friends

08.03.2016 18:00

PhD Seminar


03.03.2016 17:00

Talk | Natalie Sebanz

"How t(w)o perform actions together"

03.03.2016 15:00

Spring School | Natalie Sebanz

"Current research on joint perception and action"

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