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Public access to the introductory lectures from Ronald Sladky and Moritz Grosse-Wentrup. Check it out now!

Green prescriptions could undermine the benefits of spending time in nature

Strictly embargoed until 10am UK time on Friday November 6

Matthew Pelowski is the new Ass.-Prof. in Psychology of Cognitive- and Neuroaesthetics and is PI of the EU-H2020 project ARTIS.

Location: University of Vienna, Austria: 26.07.2021–29.07.2021

Organizers: Tecumseh Fitch, Claus Lamm, Helmut Leder, & Kristin Teßmar-Raible

Mat White is our new Senior Scientist in the field Environmental Psychology

Enjoy art and contribute to research: take part in a current research project in the Secession

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