CogSci 2021: Comparative Cognition–Animal Minds

On 27 July 2021, the Vienna Cognitive Science Hub opened the "CogSci 2021, Comparative Cognition–Animal Minds" conference, as the local organizers of the 43rd Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society in the Main Ceremonial Hall (Grosser Festsaal) of the University of Vienna. The keynote address by Friederike Range will also serve as this year’s Annual Lecture of the Vienna CogSciHub.

We were very happy to be able to present the Conference Opening live from the Großer Festsaal on the 27th of July from 14:00. Recordings are available below.

Keynote Friederike Range

Künstlerische Performance zu Kurt Schwitters von Florentin Groll

Program for review


  • Kevin Gluck, President of the Cognitive Science Society (video greeting)
  • Heinz Engl, Rector of the University of Vienna (video greeting)
  • Heinz Faßmann, Federal Minister of Education, Science and Research (video greeting)
  • Michael Stampfer, Managing Director of the Vienna Science, Research and Technology Fund (WWTF)
  • William Tecumseh Sherman Fitch, Professor of Cognitive Biology at the University of Vienna, Head of Department of Behavioral and Cognitive Biology, Chairman of the Program Committee, COGSCI 2021

Keynote COGSCI 2021/Annual Lecture Vienna CogSciHub

  • Friederike Range, Assistant Professor at the Konrad-Lorenz-Institute of Ethology at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna, Head of Domestications Lab, Founder of the Wolf Science Center (WSC)

Reception and Artistic Performance in the Arcaded Courtyard (Arkadenhof)

  • Artistic Performance by Florentin Groll
  • Introduction by Helmut Leder, Professor of Psychology of Aesthetics, Speaker of the Vienna Cognitive Science Hub
  • Opening of the buffet