Summer School | Kenneth Holmqvist

02.06.2014 - 04.06.2014

Workshop: Introduction to eye tracking research

June 2, 2014

Eye trackers have proven to be an invaluable research tool in a broad range of disciplines, including Cognitive Science, Psychology, Biology, Art History, and Linguistics, to name a few. This course will introduce its’ participants to the basic concepts of eye tracking research. It will give an overview of different research applications, experimental designs, measures and analysis strategies. In addition, part of the course will be taught in a hands-on format and give participants the opportunity to collect some data with a stationary binocular eye tracker as well as with a mobile eye tracking system.


Workshop: Eye tracking methodology

June 4, 2014

with Prof. Dr. Kenneth Holmqvist (Lund University, Sweden)

Holmqvist founded the eye tracking lab at Lund University in 1995. He has worked in a large variety of eye-trackingbased research stretching from reading research and scene perception, over to newspaper reading, advertisement studies and gesture recognition in face-to-face interaction. He is the main author of the international standard „Eye Tracking: a comprehensive guide to methods and measures“, and chairperson of the initiative for standardization of data quality assessment.