Lab Visit | Cognitive Biology @ Haidlhof


We cordially invite you to our upcoming lab visit at the Haidhof Research Station on Wednesday, May 9th.

If you want to attend the lab visit, please register for the event until April 30th (email to:



16.30  Haidlhof at Bad Vöslau (Haidlhof 204, 2540 Bad Vöslau)

Kea Lab (Prof. Ludwig Huber)

  • Physical cognition and tool use
  • Analogical reasoning
  • Exploration behaviour
  • Cross contextual learning
  • Auditory and visual perception
  • Artificial grammar learning
  • Comparative social dynamics

Corvid Lab (Prof. Thomas Bugnyar)

  • Emotional responses & emotional transfer
  • Cooperation
  • Social learning
  • Predator mobbing
  • Object play
  • Behavioral an physiological response to social stress
  • Early ontogeny of communication
  • Conflict management

X-Ray Lab (Prof. Tecumseh Fitch)

  • Vocal Production

19.00  Heuriger at Bad Vöslau


If you plan on using public transport to get to Haidlhof, we can offer a shuttle from the train station to Haidlhof at 16.00 – nevertheless, because of limited seats, we need you to register for the shuttle in advance:

please register (short email to until April 30th.


We are looking forward to welcoming you!